Happy New Year!

Welcome to pixels.cool! Step inside to start learning and creating :)

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Happy New Year and welcome to pixels.cool! Over the next twelve months we’ll be celebrating, exploring and CREATING digitally together, with a little analog love mixed in for good measure!

  • If you’ve never edited a photo or video and would like a place to start, Welcome!
  • If you’d like a starting point to learn about digital animation, 3d modelling and motion graphics, Welcome!
  • If you’re a frustrated creative who never had the opportunity to learn creative digital skills at school or University, Welcome!
  • If your creative digital skills start and end with PowerPoint, Welcome!

In 2022 it’s possible for anyone with a creative bone in their body to create digital images, video, animation, game assets, virtual reality environments and 3d printable objects.


Our promise to you: No more cheesy gifs for the rest of the year!