Mind the (digital skills) gap

Are YOU skilled up for a Job in the digital economy?

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Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution*

Regardless of your current or future work role, there’s a high probability it will require a level of ‘digital skills’. Whether or not you subscribe to the views of Klaus Shwab in this influential and contentious book, the digital economy is where it’s at in 2022.

We’re going to generate numerous pixel-perfect creative artefacts this year, and the UK is crying out for new blood to take these skills to the next level and forge exciting new careers. However, the UK is known for its poor level of basic digital literacy. Look at this article from March 2021, as the UK was emerging from a second, lengthy lockdown:


And here’s what a report from WorldskillsUK said in June 2021:


Where to start?

If you’re just starting out you might want to take a look at the ‘Digital Skills for Work’ qualification which is backed by the UK government and FREE for most students. Find out more at these sites:



The most in-demand digital skills right now



Whatever your current level, we can help you improve your chances of moving into the career of your choice 🙂