Get tooled up: Video editing software

Three photo editors for your consideration

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In March our digital theme will be video production and editing. Of course we’ll be bringing you beautifully formed explainer workflows. These will utilise the software detailed below in case you want to try it out in advance 🙂 

For the enthusiast or professional:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Part of Adobe Creative Cloud and paid for monthly or yearly, Premiere Pro offers all the necessary tools for importing, sequencing and exporting your video masterpiece, and plenty more besides. This software is a good choice If you plan to take your video skills into a professional work environment, though for dedicated editing roles in TV and film you may need to take another step up into the world of AVID Media Composer, which is geared towards professional team set-ups. We’ll even include an AVID workflow video in case you want to start at the very top!

There’s a 30 day free trial available – Long enough to play along in March!

For the hobbyist and enthusiast:

Vegas Pro

You can get a 30 day trial so if you’d like to wait until March you can try this software for free and follow along. Now produced by Magix, Vegas Pro was previously a Sony product. It can be bought outright or on a yearly or monthly basis (with subscriptions including additional stock video, audio downloads and functionality such as neural text to speech). It runs well on mid-range laptops and has a smooth learning curve. It makes a good choice for YouTubers who need more than the basics but don’t require all the features of Creative Cloud.

The free option:


A solid, completely free video editor just for you! If you’re taking your first steps in video editing this year there’s no need to pay a penny. Feel free to get downloading right now and we’ll see you in March! 

Honourable mention:

Davinci Resolve

Offering a generous FREE version and some excellent, BRAND NEW full-length official tutorials, Resolve sits alongside Premiere Pro in the ‘enthusiast to pro’ category…