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A carefully curated resource for After Effects practical and creative add-ons.

Throughout the year we spotlight our favourite websites that offer creative resources and assets. Today we take a look at the sweet resource that is


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What’s the big deal? 

aescripts offers a carefully curated collection of creative assets specifically for Adobe After Effects. Aescripts balances the practical with the creative, so you’re likely to find a resource to speed up your workflow alongside a plug-in to give your footage a cool retro vibe 🙂 screenshot

Here are three of our personal favourite recent additions to the site:

If you don’t remember ‘stereograms’, does the term ‘magic eye’ help you? Now you can make your own magic eye videos too 🙂

Could greenscreen footage soon be a thing of the past?

There are many things you can do with depth maps, and the process of generating them becomes increasingly automated every year. Check this out…

…and here are three of the assets we’ve purchased and used ourselves…

We used the above ‘Projection 3d’ asset when trying out 3d depth mapping for the first time. Here’s our single still photo of some cloisters, depth-mapped and rendered into a short 3d animation in After Effects:

Freebies and deals

Some assets are available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis, which is great for trying them out. A small number are on sale at any one time and new assets often have an introductory discount. Around twice a year there’s a wider sale of assets from specific developers, often spread out over a number of weeks. 

What we love

  • Diverse collection of specialist assets at fair prices
  • Assets you never even knew you needed! 
  • Occasional sales and some assets with demo modes

Anything to be aware of? 

  • Prices on-screen do not include sales tax
  • Staggered, occasional sales mean you may miss the discount you were waiting for

We’ll continue to spotlight our favourite sites throughout the year!