Inspire: Your essential video editing reading and watch list

Only the best film & video resources, curated just for you!

Inspire: Film and video recommended reading and viewing

At the start of every month we curate a short list of diverse reading and viewing for the current creative theme.  Each item on the list must provoke, inspire and/or be a resource we’ve returned to time and time again. We hope you find them creatively enriching 🙂 

Website: Redsharknews

If you have a penchant for the technical, you’ll love this mix of articles and comment that’s not afraid to dive deep into the specifications list.  They also relist posts from some years ago that are as relevant today if you’re just starting out!

Website: Nofilmschool

One of our favourite sites to check out every few days. Enjoy a diverse palate of posts including links to filmic resources, news of competitions and hardware releases and industry talking points.

MOVIE:  La Jetee

Can you make an entire movie using only a sequence of still photos?  Of course you can!  This essential watch is found on many a film studies / digital media curriculum. Watch the full version below on YouTube (May not be available globally):

DOCUMENTARY: In Saturn’s Rings

Take over 7.5 million still images from NASA and, using Adobe After Effects as a core platform, animate then into an IMAX-ready documentary. This wouldn’t have been possible even ten years ago. It’s a story of passion, storytelling and technology – Just our thing 🙂 Enjoy the trailer below…

WEBSITE: Short of the week

Whether you’re producing an explainer, documentary or your first movie, you can do a lot worse than fill your creative brain with carefully curated short films.  This site does what it says on the tin!

WEBSITE: Intofilm

Co-produced with the British film institute, this portal site has plenty of recommendations and lots of film-related resources to use with your students if you’re an educator.

READER: BRESSON: Notes on cinematography

French director Robert Bresson is highly regarded in the history of film-making, and sometimes gushingly so – You’ll read of him as being ‘the most important film-maker ever’ and his unique, hyper-minimalist style makes him a favourite for those studying the art. One of his most famous books is below – His ‘notes on cinematography’ being readable as a diary or stream of consciousness of his thoughts on the subject.

In case of issues with the above link, here’s a local link just for you:

Here’s a reader assisting you with how to approach his work, and his ‘must sees’ if you’re new to film-making.

We hope you find something here to inspire you as we start video editing month! See you at the Oscars…