Welcome to Virtual Reality month!

It's a brand new month and a brand new theme!

Every month we focus on a new digital theme here on pixels.cool. May is Virtual Reality month! Take a peek at what we’ll be creating together…

Throughout the month we’re bringing you VR development workflows to help you get started. We’ll be using Unity, a Meta Quest 2 and assets from the Unity asset store. Through the full course of eight explainers, we’ll…

  • Install the Unity Hub and Unity LTS
  • Download Oculus integration, create a new Unity project and set it up for VR
  • Install the ‘virtual reality interaction framework’ and send a demo scene to a Meta Quest 2 headset
  • Import a low poly city scene and set it up for VR
  • Set up a 3d object to interact with it in VR
  • Add low poly walking characters to the city
  • Animate a police car to race around the city streets
  • Add an ambient soundtrack and attach sound sources to individual objects

Even if you’ve never used Unity before, you’ll be able to follow this series! Note this is not an introduction to game design, though all the workflows are game-relevant and might inspire you to develop the interactive experience of your dreams! For training related to building games, check out Unity’s own learning platform.

Check back on 4 May when we’ll detail the assets we’ll use to bring our city to life! The explainer series starts on Friday 6 May and continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!