Summer of Digital Love: Retro Gamer Magazine

Summer of digital love: Retro Gamer Magazine

This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series, where we look at our favourite digital hardware, magazines, websites and assets.

Retro gaming is not a modern phenomenon!

Welcome to 2004!

You join us shortly before the announcement of the Nintendo ‘Revolution’ (later to be released as the Wii), and the year we found ourselves spending too much time playing Gran Turismo 4 Prologue and GTA Vice City on the PS2. Here are official images from their press packs back in the day. Tap an image to go large!

It was in April of 2004 that Retro Gamer Magazine (UK) dropped into news-stands ready to sate the gaming appetites of eager retro enthusiasts.

All these years later, it’s difficult to tell which cover ‘damage’ is real and which was part of the original design 🙂

Retro Gamer issue 1 front cover

What hope in hell have we got with 100 pages?’ Martyn Carroll welcomes us…

Retro Gamer issue 1 Welcome!

Yes, many of the early Retro Gamer editions arrived with a cover disc (in a proper hard case!). Just in case new readers were unfamiliar with emulators and roms, issue one included this handy guide…

Retro Gamer issue 1 – How to use the cover disc!

No, this isn’t the cover disc from issue one, but who wouldn’t want a compilation of Jeff Minter’s greatest hits? Here’s our cover disc from issue 12:

Retro Gamer issue 12: Llamasoft!

Remember a time when you could pay a fortune to download a game to your wap-compatible mobile phone? Retro Retro Gamer for sure 🙂

Text now to download the game of your dreams!

Retro Gamer Magazine (UK) is still going strong Check it out now!

Retro Gamer Today!

This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series. Watch out for more as we raid our archives and celebrate the best in digital creativity!