Summer of Digital Love: After Effects Palette Mapper

Summer of digital love: After Effects video palette mapper

This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series, where we chill by the pool while chatting about our favourite hardware, magazines, websites, creative assets and digital esoteria!

Your starter question: Which movie is this?

…and what about this one?

The top movie is The Matrix (1999). The second image is Mad Max – Fury Road (2015).

PALETTE MAPPER is a free After Effects project file that generates a colour-mapped image based on the dominant colour of each frame of a video. Of course it can work for any video-based asset, so whether you’d like to generate (annoying) quiz questions, digital wallpaper or just enjoy an esoteric After Effects freebie, it’s for you!

Alternative download link, including MAC and PC versions:

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This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series. Watch for more as we raid our archives (and attics) to celebrate the best in past and present digital creativity!