Summer of Digital Love: What’s the definition of a gamer?

Summer of Digital Love: The definition of a gamer!

This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series, where we chill by the pool while chatting about our favourite hardware, magazines, websites, creative assets and digital esoteria!

Introducing ‘Video Frank’, here to solve all your gaming needs!

Apparently a cross between The Green Cross Code Man and Buzz Lightyear, Frank lends his ‘dude’-style credibility to this 1976 book from our retro archive…

‘The player’s strategy guide’ book from the seventies

It offers text-heavy strategy write-ups for a range of Atari games from the late 1970s and toys with the terms ‘games’ and ‘masters’ (GamesMaster, anyone?), but it’s the ‘Video Gamer’s Glossary’ at the back we’re sharing with you today…

Gaming terms from 1976

Gaming terms from the 1970s

If you find yourself dazzled by the complexities of modern gaming, print out the above, find space by the pool and take yourself back to a time when a gamer ‘enjoyed electronic games such as those from the Atari VCS‘ 🙂

This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series. Watch for more as we raid our archives (and attics) to celebrate the best in digital creativity, past and present!