Summer of Digital Love: Arcade Artwork

Summer of Digital Love: Arty arcade assets!

This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series, where we chill by the pool while chatting about our favourite hardware, magazines, websites, creative assets and digital esoteria!

As our Summer of Digital Love nears an end, we’ve saved one of our favourite resource websites for last! plays host to a true treasure trove of scanned assets from the arcades and retro computers: homepage

Starting in the ‘Artwork – ultra high quality’ section, we find multi-megapixel images. Here’s an Airwolf arcade bezel!

Airwolf bezel

You’ll find a huge range of scanned flyers and promotional materials to explore:

Arcade flyers

Have a particular favourite chip or capacitor ? Get ready to geek out!

Chips and dips 🙂

Inevitably, there are curiosities lurking! What do you mean, you’ve never heard of Tempest 3000 on the Nuon?

Tempest 3000 for the NUON

To limit our browsing time to a sensible two hours, we let ourselves pick just 7 of our favourite Atari ST assets, representing our happiest times with the home computer. Tap an image to view it big!

Hosting large online media collections costs money. If you can help contribute to to keep it alive, please donate to them!

We’ll have one final summer post to bring you in a few days’ time!


This post is part of our Summer of Digital Love series. Watch for more as we raid our archives (and attics) to celebrate the best in digital creativity, past and present!