Immersive Media: Create a 360 degree property tour using Thinglink

Create a 360 degree building tour in Thinglink

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Name of explainer: Create a 360 degree property tour using Thinglink

Creative theme: Immersive Media

Software used: Thinglink

User level: BEGINNER

This is a standalone explainer, published as part of ‘immersive media’ month. Watch for our other standalone immersive media explainers!

The Software

This explainer uses Thinglink, a browser-based application for creating learning and demonstration content that supports immersive media and 3D objects. Depending on the account level, 360 degree images, 360 video and 3D objects can be used alongside regular ‘flat’ resources. We use a free account to build a virtual tour of a hotel under construction.

The tour created in this explainer

In this explainer we upload 360 degree images showing a hotel build project to a free Thinglink account and create a simple tour for our clients to view. Here’s the reception area, complete with a clickable tag telling visitors more about the vision:

Our visitors can then move on to what will be the sauna area…

Each location is fully navigable in 360 degrees for our clients to inspect.

Examples of what can be achieved in Thinglink with the addition of professional 360 degree imagery and embedded media:

Museum Tour:

Beachfront Hotel Tour:

The pre-requisities

This is a BEGINNER explainer. You will need to have a basic knowledge of using Windows and using a web browser to follow along.

Why would I do this?

Creating an immersive, virtual tour helps bring a space to life. Tours of museums and leisure attractions are particularly popular with users, as are promotional tours for holiday destinations!

Let’s do it!

Click the play icon to watch this explainer video. Subtitles are available – Click the settings cog at the bottom right for options. You can watch this video full-screen by clicking the full-screen icon at the bottom right.

Use our images!

You’re welcome to use the images we worked with in the above explainer. Download them individually below. These images must not be redistributed online for free or for gain – You are welcome to use them for personal and educational use only.

Good to know

Thinglinks can be viewed in VR headsets without any additional steps. Go to the same link in a VR-based browser and tap the ‘goggles’ icon at the bottom right of the window:

As mentioned in the explainer, Thinglink offers a range of account types and subscription price points. We’re using a free account for this demonstration, but you’ll soon hit limitations in terms of what you can upload and how your final project can be shared with others. We recommend reviewing the available account types carefully before committing to an ongoing subscription:

Academic accounts
ELearning and corpdev accounts

Marketing and comms accounts

Where to next?

When you click the ‘create’ button, you’re presented with numerous options alongside the ‘virtual tour’ content we’ve used in this explainer:

Click any content type to see a short video demonstrating the related workflow. For example, here’s a screenshot from the ‘infographic’ help video:

You can even import simple 3D models and tag them too! See our ‘Beginning 3D’ explainer series to create your own objects ready to import them into Thinglink! Note that 3D model import is not available with all Thinglink account types.

Notes and updates

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