Festive Treats: Baby you’re a firework :)

BOOM shake the room!

This post is part of our festive treats series, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of digital creativity and give you themed creative assets to assist with your own projects! You’re welcome 🙂


Creative theme: Video editing

Asset type(s): Video clips

Everyone loves fireworks! Apart from celebrating New Year’s, they’re most popular in the UK around 5 November as we celebrate bonfire night (or strictly speaking, Guy Fawkes night!). We braved the local weather to attend a fireworks display and bring you 4k finale footage 🙂

Here are two stills from our downloadable fireworks clip:

Project Suggestions

1: Save individual frames from the 4k video clip to use as still images in their own right. Each ‘4k’ frame contains around 8 megapixels of detail, giving you enough information to print as a picture or crop it for use online.

2: Use the video clip as an animated backdrop for a text title. This ‘video inside text’ technique is regularly used for cinematic effect and is a useful technique to add to your video editing arsenal!

Here’s how to do ‘video in text’ in After Effects:

Here’s how to do it in Premiere Pro:

…and here’s how to do it in Vegas Pro:

3: Source appropriate music and sound effects from freemusicarchive to accompany the fireworks as part of your own video edit!

Download the video clips

Below is a fireworks finale video clip, saved as a 4k file and a separate full HD version. It’s 30 seconds long and recorded in 24fps. You are welcome to use our downloadable files for your own personal projects or for educational / classroom use. Files files must not be redistributed elsewhere or used for personal gain.

This is just one of our Festive Treats! Make sure you join us for the others!