Black Friday freebies and deals!

Black Friday - Black fri-yay!

It’s our mega round-up of the latest and greatest deals and freebies for Black Friday!


Get yourself a free Videohive account and indulge in their ‘Biggest Ever Cyber Week Sale’!

videohive black friday

Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store is going BIG with 50% off over 500 individual assets and a range of limited-time flash deals with 70% off!

The Unity sale includes UModeler for half price – A great place to start your 3d modelling career right inside of Unity!

DOTween PRO is also half price for Black Friday. We used this asset to add waypoint animation to our VR City by making a police car scream around the city streets!

We’ve used this sale to add Beautify 3 to our team toolbox 🙂 It may come in handy for adding lighting and visual effects to the VR city, and the reviews are glowing too!

Learndash LMS

If you’re ready to deploy explainers and teaching content online, you’ll want to take a look at Learndash, an LMS designed for WordPress. You’ll need your own hosting and WordPress installation to use the ‘WordPress plug-in’ option. If you’d like Learndash to host your site and include plenty of nice themes you can go for the ‘full site’ option. The discount is 40% this Black Friday:

Learndash plug-in Black Friday
Learndash cloud Black Friday


We embedded an animation from Sketchfab in our Virtual Technologies elearning module as part of elearning development month. Right now Sketchfab is offering 30 percent off a range of beautiful 3D models!

GameDevMarket (GDM)

One of our favourite stores for creative and game development assets, GDM is offering up to 50 percent off:


Another of our favourite 3d model resources, CGTRADER is also offering ‘up to 50 percent off’ this Black Friday:

Oculus / Meta Store (For Quest headsets)

If you’ve been following our VR development series, you might be ready for some light gaming relief! Take advantage of the Oculus / Meta store Black Friday sale!


Partnering nicely with the Articulate Elearning software we used during elearning creation month, VideoScribe helps you create ‘hand drawn’ animated videos with a focus on ease of use. With care, professional-looking explainer videos can be rapidly developed and deployed. Be sure to try their free demo and see if the software (which offers a browser and desktop version) offers enough features for you. Videoscribe is around 33 percent off for Black Friday!