Festive Treats: See Monster Part One :)

SEE MONSTER! Free photos for your projects.

This post is part of our festive treats series, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of digital creativity and give you themed creative assets to assist with your own projects! You’re welcome 🙂


Creative theme: Image editing

Asset type(s): Still images

Last month we visited SEE MONSTER, the UK’s largest outdoor art installation. The structure and surrounds made for some great atmospheric pictures, and we thought we’d share them with you for your image editing pleasure! Also watch out for PART TWO, where we’ll bring you video clips to work with!

General information about SEE MONSTER art installation:

Download the photos

Below are nine of our photographic images from our visit to See Monster. Browse the thumbnails below then download the individual files listed. The downloadable files are six megapixel images with no other edits applied, so see what you can do to improve them! We’ve made suggestions in the next section.

You are welcome to use the downloadable files for your own personal projects or for educational / classroom use. Files must not be redistributed elsewhere or used for personal gain.

Editing and project suggestions

1: The daytime shots of the rig need basic edits including rotation and cropping. See our image editing explainer series for help with this.

2: The beach and sunset shots reflect the weather ambience of the day – Try to bring out the sunset shades and make them ‘pop’ by applying colour adjustments including contrast, saturation and vibrancy. See our image editing explainer series for help with these processes.

3: The wide tonal range of the beach and sunset images lends itself to working in mono (black and white). Try applying black & white filters in your favourite software or app.

4: Create an animated slideshow / montage using your favourite video editor. Here’s how to do this in Premiere Pro:

Here’s how to create a simple slideshow in Vegas Pro:

This is just one of our Festive Treats! Watch out for See Monster part two with video clips for your use!