Festive Treats: See Monster Part Two:)

SEE MONSTER! Free video clips for your projects.

This post is part of our festive treats series, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of digital creativity and give you themed creative assets to assist with your own projects! You’re welcome 🙂


Creative theme: Video editing

Asset type(s): Video clips

Last month we visited SEE MONSTER, the UK’s largest outdoor art installation. We thought we’d share some of our video clips, including two slomo clips, for your video editing pleasure! Also check out PART ONE, where we introduced See Monster and gave you still photos to download!

General information about SEE MONSTER art installation.

Download the video clips

Below are nine short video clips from our visit to See Monster in 1080p resolution (25 fps). Tap the 3 dots at the bottom right of any clip to download it. The clips are straight out of camera with no corrections or filters applied – That’s up to you!

You are welcome to use the downloadable files for your own personal projects or for educational / classroom use. Files must not be redistributed elsewhere or used for personal gain.

01 Beach
02 slomo structure
03 Side view
04 From top to bottom
05 Entrance area
06 Atop see monster 1
07 Atop see monster 2
08 slowmo walkways
09 Night falls

Project suggestions

1: These clips were recorded hand-held, so you may like to stabilise them using your favourite video editing software.

Quick guide to stabilising moving and static shots in Premiere Pro:

Quick guide to stabilising moving shots in Vegas Pro:

2: Add simple text captions to your video to create a short documentary piece. Here’s the press release text for See Monster to help you out!


SEE MONSTER will rehabilitate and reimagine a decommissioned North Sea offshore platform
in Weston-super-Mare, transforming the retired industrial structure into a large-scale public art

SEE MONSTER is brought to life by Leeds-based creative studio NEWSUBSTANCE and
supported by North Somerset Council.

Located in the town’s former 1930s lido, the Tropicana, the arrival of SEE MONSTER aims to
align with the emerging cultural landscape of the town. Drawing on Weston-super-Mare’s
unique locality, the project aims to shine a light on the resilience of our coast, creating
opportunities and generating new possibilities for the life of this retired structure.

After a lifetime at sea, the regenerated platform will harness renewable energy from the natural
elements, in celebration of the great British weather and British eccentricity. It will explore the
concept of inherited structures, be those physical, social, or environmental. What do we do with
the structures we inherit? How do they play a part in our lives, and what actions can they
inspire both individually and universally?

With landscapes weaved throughout the structure that
work to amplify SEE MONSTER’s message, the project poses a question of how pre-existing
ideas can be challenged and changed through creativity.

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