Happy Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Just in case you somehow missed our best bits, here’s what we did this year…

We worked through six series of creative skills explainers:

  • Image editing
  • Video editing
  • Creating elearning content
  • Beginning 3d modelling
  • VR development
  • Creating a virtual 3d gallery showcase

Along the way, we created:

A VR city experience

…including a racing police car!

A 3D gallery featuring favourite images and video clips….

…and an arcade corner 🙂

A retro-styled coffee shop…

…incorporating coffee mugs and retro gaming motifs modelled using simple 3d modelling software:

…and we created numerous video sequences 🙂

We also celebrated the Summer of Digital Love and enjoyed a range of Winter festive treats…

Where to in 2023?

We’ll be bringing you updated explainers, including additional 3d modelling explainers for uModeler.

We’re also launching our brand new micro-course site so you can enjoy our explainers in a true online course format. The site will go live in January!

See you then – In the meantime, here are some warming festive images 🙂