Happy New Year!

Welcome to pixels.cool! Your digital creativity starts here!

Happy New Year from your friends at pixels.cool! Over the next twelve months we’ll be celebrating digital creativity and creating together. Here’s your essential year planner…


We’ll introduce the software and apps we’ll be using for the digital themes (see below). Get yourself tooled up ready for the first creative theme in February!


We’ll introduce IMAGE EDITING with a series of explainers using free and paid software including GIMP, PAINTSHOP PRO and PHOTOSHOP. If you’ve ever wanted to crop, rotate and recolor your images this is the perfect starting point for you. This series is designed for beginners.


This month we launch our BEGINNING VIDEO EDITING explainer series. Using VEGAS PRO and PREMIERE PRO we’ll create a video sequence, add fades, transitions, text titles and a soundtrack, and export mp4 video files. This series is suitable for beginners.


The world is 3D! In April we run our BEGINNING 3D EXPLAINER SERIES as we create objects in TINKERCAD and KENNEY SHAPE before importing them into a 3d UNITY scene. This series is suitable for beginners.


Continuing the 3D theme, we’ll be BEGINNING 3D MODELLING USING UMODELER LITE. This free Unity asset lets you model directly inside Unity with no additional software needed. This series is suitable for beginners.


It’s VR DEVELOPMENT month! We’ll use Unity to create a virtual reality city environment and explore it in a Meta VR headset. We’ll add animated people to the city and animate a vehicle to race around the streets! You can include your own 3d models created in the previous 3D explainer series if you like. This series is suitable for users with existing knowledge of working with 3d software (see our themes from April and May).


It’s a SHOWCASE SUMMER!. We’ll guide you through building a virtual gallery in Unity to show off your photos, videos and 3d models. You can then export a gallery tour as a video or explore your creation in a VR headset!


To coincide with the new College and Uni year, we’ll explain how to CREATE ELEARNING CONTENT using STORYLINE. We’ll develop a module of interactive learning content comprising text, images, audio, video, embedded 3d assets and a quiz. This series is suitable for beginners to Storyline.


BEGINNING MOTION GRAPHICS with Adobe After Effects. This series of explainers introduces the AE interface, how to add text, shapes and images to layers and animate them to create simple logos and titles. This series is suitable for beginners.

Our explainers are regularly reviewed and updated. The images above are indicative of explainer content and must not be relied upon as showing specific functionality or explainer content.