New month – New freebies and deals!

We round up January's creative freebies and deals!

We round-up the latest and greatest creative assets deals and freebies at the start of every month! Here are our top picks for January…


Get yourself a free Videohive account and grab January’s freebies while they’re hot! We like the look of the free ‘ancient tomb’ asset, which usually costs $22 (plus tax)…

Unity Asset Store

Unity has a New Year Sale running right now, with 50% off over 500 assets. Importantly, this includes assets we’ll be using this year as part of our explainer series…

We’ll be using the VRIF asset to add a VR ‘character’ to a VR scene and provide a means of picking up, exploring and even throwing objects. If you’re planning to follow our VR explainer series later this year it might be worth picking up VRIF now while it’s on offer! (You’ll need to create a free Unity account first):

We’ll be using UMODELER LITE for our beginning 3D modelling series later this year. This ‘lite’ version is free, while the full Umodeler asset usually costs around 125 euros. If you’re here to begin your career in 3D modelling you’ll quickly progress beyond the limitations of the lite version.

We’re fans of the ‘low poly’ look when it comes to our gaming preferences. Low poly assets are perfect for newbies to games and interactive experience creation as they’re easy to work with, not too demanding on computer resources and can be bought cheaply. SYNTY provide a high quality collection of low poly scenes and ‘packs’, many of which are on offer right now. We’ll be using their CITY PACK as the basis for our VR scene later this year.