Get tooled up: Beginning 3D

Enter the third dimension!

Being able to create 3d objects using a virtual 3d environment is essential for games design, architectural visualisation, interactive simulation, 3d printing and other modern digital pursuits!

Our April explainer series will use the following software / assets as we introduce how to 3D modelling before importing our 3D objects into a game-ready environment:

  • TINKERCAD, a free, browser-based design platform
  • Kenney Shape, a low-priced ‘block based’ 3d building app
  • UNITY. We’ll import the objects created in Tinkercad and Kenney Shape and incorporate them into a retro coffee shop scene!

We’ll also be delivering a dedicated 3d modelling explainer series using UModeler Lite in May as a follow-up!

Here are examples of the 3D models we’ll be creating:

We’ll use Tinkercad to create a coffee mug
We’ll trace a space invader using Kenney Shape

Here are the mug and Space Invader models incorporated into a Unity Retro Cafe 3D scene!

Get downloading, and see you in April for this explainer series 🙂