New month – New freebies and deals!

We round up February's creative freebies and deals!

We round-up the latest and greatest creative assets deals and freebies at the start of every month! Here are our top picks for February 2023…


Here’s a timely deal from the makers of PaintShop Pro (which we’re working with for image editing month). Corel are offering the latest version of Paintshop Pro (2023) along with their consumer-friendly video editor, ‘Videostudio’ (2022 version), for a deal price ‘for one week only’.

If you’ve already tried the free demo of Paintshop Pro, like the software and will also be keen to use their video editor, this could be the perfect bundle for you!


Get yourself a free Videohive account and grab February’s freebies while they’re hot! We like the look of ‘Premiere Library – Most handy effects’ which you’ll find helpful if you edit videos with Premiere Pro (as we will be next month!):

Unity Asset Store

Unity is offering a ‘quick start asset pack’ to get you up and running with game development in the Unity editor. Featuring a mix of music, FX, GUI and 3d models it’s a bargain compilation, though as always with bundles consider if you’ll actually use any of the assets in the coming months! Note these assets do not feature in any of our explainers planned for this year.


If you’re seeking audio inspiration for your next project, you could do worse than picking up their ‘Cyberpunk winter sounds bundle’. Starting at less than £2 for the basic bundle, it includes various full tracks and loop samples: