Inspire: Your essential video editing reading and watch list

Only the best film & video resources, curated just for you!

Inspire: Film and video recommended reading and viewing

At the start of each month we curate a short list of diverse reading and viewing for the current creative theme.  Each item on the list must provoke, inspire and/or be a resource we’ve returned to time and time again. We hope you find them creatively enriching 🙂 

‘Why is video editing important’?

Just for fun, we prompted ChatGPT with this question. As at 25 February 2023, here’s the response:

‘Video editing is an integral part of the filmmaking process, allowing filmmakers to shape and refine their footage into a cohesive and engaging narrative. Through video editing, filmmakers are also able to add extra layers of meaning and emotion to their work, creating truly powerful and memorable films’.

Website: Redsharknews

If you’re technically minded you’ll love this mix of articles that take a deep dive into the specifications list.  Redshark also relist posts from years ago that are just as relevant today when you’re just starting out!

Website: Nofilmschool

One of our favourite sites to visit every few days. Enjoy a diverse menu of posts including links to filmic resources, news, competitions and industry talking points.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to make in-roads into everyday film-making processes. Runway’s browser-based app already includes automated features for green-screen and motion tracking and the list of features is growing by the month! . Last month they introduced Gen-1, which promises to generate stylised video sequences using little more than text prompts! This is definitely one to watch…

MOVIE:  La Jetee

Can you make an entire movie using only a sequence of still photos?  Of course you can!  This essential viewing is on the watch list for many film studies / digital media courses. Watch the full version below on YouTube (May not be available globally):


Take over 7.5 million NASA still images and, using Adobe After Effects as a core platform, animate then to make an IMAX-ready documentary. This wouldn’t have been possible using home-user applications just ten years ago. It’s a story of passion, storytelling and technology – Just our thing 🙂 Enjoy the trailer below…

WEBSITE: Short of the week

Whether you’re producing an explainer, documentary or your first movie, you can do a lot worse than flood your creative brain with carefully curated short films.  This site does what it says on the tin!

Short of the week website March 2023

WEBSITE: FilmShortage

Another excellent collection of short films for your perusal!

WEBSITE: Intofilm

Co-produced with the British film institute, this portal site has plenty of recommendations and film-related resources to use with your students if you’re an educator.

READER: ‘Bresson: Notes on cinematography’

French director Robert Bresson is highly regarded in the history of film-making. You’ll read of him being ‘the most important film-maker ever’ and his unique, hyper-minimalist style makes him a favourite of those studying the art. One of his most famous books can be found below – His ‘Notes on cinematography’ is readable as a diary or stream of consciousness about his thoughts on the subject:

In case of problems with the above link, here’s a local link just for you:

Here’s a reader to assist you with how to approach his work, and his ‘must sees’ if you’re a new film-maker.

We hope you find something here to inspire you as we start video editing month! See you at the Oscars…