Artificial Intelligence Concept

Welcome to ‘Beginning AI’ Month!

It's a brand new month and a brand new theme!


Whether you’ve noticed it or not, Artificial Intelligence has been present in your digital life for longer than you think!

From basic application ‘helpers’ including auto-correct and spellcheck…

Sentence ‘auto complete’ in Word

To the online adverts that follow you everywhere…

A perpetual Fiverr advert!

To the ‘engaging’ content that appears on your socials…

…AI has been learning your patterns of behaviour, and those of millions of others, to serve you content you’ll find ‘engaging’ and maybe lead to a purchase or two 🙂

Generative AI

Much of AI has historically been invisible and niche, but the current wave of ‘generative AI’ has everyone talking! Generative AI allows us to converse with ‘intelligent’ chat and helpbots, create essays and even entire books using only a text prompt. You can even generate videos and visualisations…

WordPress chatbot conversations

WordPress content generation

Video generation with

An entire short film!

Beginning AI with WordPress and AI Engine

This month we’re running an eight-part explainer series introducing generative AI using WordPress and the ‘AI Engine’ WordPress plugin. We’ll use it to create and test chatbots, generate WordPress text and image content and create embeddings to make our chatbot even more accurate!

Here’s the explainer series in full:

  1. Get tooled up!
  2. Install the AI Engine WordPress plugin and explore the interface
  3. Use AI Engine to generate WordPress page content and images
  4. Create and refine text using AI Engine’s ‘copilot’ and ‘magic wand’
  5. Configure a GPT-driven chatbot and add it to the site
  6. Configure a context-sensitive chatbot to discuss page content
  7. Use a Pinecone index to create and test embeddings to improve the chatbot
  8. Where to next? Additional AI Engine functions and other generative AI apps

You’ll need to have a basic knowledge of WordPress to follow this series. If you’re brand new to WordPress, here are resources to get you started with installing it. (There’s no need to worry about adding plugins or themes – A clean install is all you will need!):

The explainer series starts on Monday 8 May and continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until we’re finished!

DISCLAIMER: You should only test WordPress plug-ins using a clean install of WordPress or in a staging environment. We’re not responsible for your site or any of your data, including anything you choose to do with the apps and plug-ins used in this series.