Summer of AI Fun :) Music and lyrics!

Summer of AI Fun: Lyrical genius!

This post is part of our Summer of AI Fun series, where we bring you our favourite FUN AI-powered sites and resources! Every site is FREE to use with no account needed!

Would you like to hear YOUR lyrics sung over a unique pop track? No problem! Welcome to SongR!


At you can create custom songs with lyrics with only a simple text prompt! Whether you’re a songwriter looking for inspiration, a musician wanting to experiment with new sounds, or simply someone who loves music, provides you with the tools to bring your ideas to life. Using cutting-edge AI technology, enables you to explore endless musical  possibilities!

Create Custom Songs

With, you can become a composer and create your own custom songs effortlessly!

Start by selecting a genre and add a text prompt for the theme of your song. Here we request a cafe-style song about the recent successful launch of the Euclid rocket by SpaceX:

Here’s the resulting song!

Use your own lyrics!

Rather than have SongR create lyrics based on your text prompt, you can use your own!  Just click ‘I have my own lyrics’ then paste them in or type them in! Here we’ve added (quite bad) lyrics all about this Summer of AI Fun series:

And here’s the resulting personal pop song, all about this summer series!

Key Takeaways:

  • enables you to create custom songs and generate lyrics
  • The platform provides an intuitive interface with four styles of music
  • With, you can unleash your creativity and express yourself through music in a unique and personalized way.

Other Sites to Try!

  1. Amper Music: Amper Music is an AI-powered music composition platform that allows you to create custom music for various purposes, such as videos, games, and podcasts.
  2. Jukedeck: Jukedeck is an AI-driven music composition platform that enables you to generate royalty-free music tailored to your specific needs.

This post is part of our Summer of AI Fun series. Watch for more throughout July and August!