Summer of AI Fun :) Build literally anything!

Summer of AI Fun: Build literally anything!

This post is part of our Summer of AI Fun series, where we bring you our favourite FUN AI-powered sites and resources! Every site is FREE to use with no account needed!

As the Summer of AI Fun draws near an end we try out an AI sandbox site that does exactly what it says on the tin! Are you ready to prompt AI to ‘Build Literally Anything?’

Build literally anything

As the home page states, what SHOULD we build?

1: Let’s start by requesting a colourful banner to use on this site:

Here’s the result -Not bad for a basic banner:

2: Next, we ask the site to create a short QUIZ including questions about recent AI developments:

Here’s the initial result.  It’s a good starting point! Click the ‘Build’ button to submit the same prompt again and see if the results are even better:

3: It’s time for something more challenging!  Can the site create a simple game involving a character avoiding red robots and identifying a human being?

The result is definitely basic but it does do what we’ve asked.  See the image and gif of us playing the game!:

4: Finally, we asked for a helpful pie chart confirming how awesome AI is:

Just as we expected, AI is officially awesome to the tune of 75%:

Be sure to click the ‘gallery’ button to view what other users have been creating!

This post is part of our Summer of AI Fun series. Watch for more throughout July and August!