A woman is walking down a path with an umbrella.

That was the Summer of AI Fun :)

Summer of AI Fun: Goodbye Summer!

As the summer fades into the drizzle and dark evenings of Autumn, we asked the AI image generation tool at Mixerbox to try and capture this mood for us using this prompt:

‘An image representing the end of summer as rain arrives and the evenings get darker. The tone must be melancholic’. 

Here’s the result:

‘The image depicts a solitary figure standing under a gloomy, rain-soaked sky during the melancholic end of summer. The figure is wearing a long coat and holding an umbrella, with raindrops falling all around. The lighting is soft and diffused, with a slight hint of sunlight breaking through the dark clouds. The style is realistic with a touch of impressionism, capturing the mood of the changing seasons.’


This is the final post in our Summer of AI Fun series. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting creative with our favourite free fun AI resources! Be sure to check out all our AI posts from July and August!