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Welcome to November 2023! A very special month indeed :)

Ready for launch!

We’re very proud to announce the launch of…

From now on you can enjoy our digital creative explainer series in the form of free, short online courses at pixelsofcourse!

Every course is designed to be clean, clear and concise so you can focus on the content…

You can mark every step as complete to track your own progress, and return to any objective whenever you like!

Complete every step and you can download a FREE, personalised PDF certificate! Even the certificate looks cool 🙂

Already available to try out

These two course are waiting for you to try out right now – Please let us know how you get on!

Beginning 3D modelling with uModeler

Beginning Generative AI with WordPress and AI Engine

NOTE: Our courses are currently in TEST phase. This means they may not work as expected and you might experience unexpected errors or issues. No warranty is implied 🙂

If you find them useful please buy us a coffee! This helps keep them free, online and available to everyone.

This month we’ll be highlighting our favourite content from 2023 as we look back at our explainer series and open their online course equivalents to you!