A gnome wearing pink sunglasses and a green hat stands next to glowing text "SUMMER OF AI" against a beach background. The word "pixels.cool" is written in orange in the top left corner.

Welcome to the Summer of Generative AI!

Digital beach

We’re pleased to introduce our summer series of AI video explainers!

Over the last twelve months we’ve continued to chart the rise of AI-powered tools and apps. Throughout the summer months of July and August we’ll bring you short video explainers demonstrating our favourite timesaving generative AI workflows!

We’ll have five AI workflow explainers for you through July and August!

1: We’ll take a deep dive into YouTube AI research and analytics with Maekersuite:

2: We’ll create, train and deploy a chatbot for WordPress in less than 10 minutes using chatwith.tools!

3: We’ll use alttext.ai to automate the process of adding alt text, captions and descriptions to our WordPress images…

4: We’ll automate generating our YouTube video descriptions and timestamps using Vidchapter

5: …and we’ll use WordPress and the AI Engine plugin to create our own simple generative AI toolkit to help with our work-life balance!

Be sure to take an occasional digital break – Look for our bonus summer siesta videos! …annnnd chill 🙂

See you at the beach!