Welcome to 3D modelling month!

Are you ready to Canyonero?

The real world is not flat, and neither is the virtual world!

From the latest AAA 3D games to contemporary cg movies and TV shows, you can be sure the exquisite designs of the virtual sets and levels are the results of thousands of hours of work from talented digital artists.  One of the core skills required is the ability to model 3d objects and environments. Of course everyone needs to start somewhere.  Welcome to Beginning 3d modelling with UModeler!

Starfield – The latest AAA 3D game from Bethesda:

The Last Of Us (HBO):

Super Mario Bros The Movie (2023):

For this month’s series of explainers we’ll use the popular Unity asset ‘Umodeler’ to introduce basic modelling tools and create a simple 3D car model based on the Simpsons ‘Canyonero’ vehicle…

Over the course of seven explainers, we’ll…

  • Install the Unity Hub and Unity LTS
  • Create a new Unity project and install the Umodeler asset
  • Create a UModeler object and explore the UModeler interface
  • Navigate the scene and scale, rotate and move 3D objects
  • Create unique shapes by adjusting vertices, edges and faces
  • Block out a simple Canyonero-style car model
  • Create materials and textures and apply them to the model

Your newly acquired 3D skills could be equally beneficial in the following job roles:

  • Social media and marketing
  • Architectural Visualisation (ARCHVIZ)
  • 3d modelling
  • Animation
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • 3D printing
  • Creating teaching and training resources

Once you’ve learnt the basics of UModeler you could graduate to their brand new, professional-level UModeler X asset!

The explainer series starts on Fri 6 October and continues every Tuesday and Thursday until our car is built and ready to roll!