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Beginning AI with WordPress and AI Engine: XTRA Explainer!

Create an AI-driven form to offer recommendations to visitors

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Create an AI form to make personalised recommendations


Name of explainer: Create an AI form to make personalised recommendations

Creative theme: Beginning AI with WordPress and AI Engine

Software / platforms used (for this explainer):
WordPress, AI Engine (paid version of the plugin)

User level: BEGINNER

This is a standalone additional explainer – It is recommended you complete the AI Engine explainer series before continuing.

The software and apps used in this XTRA explainer

This individual explainer uses the following platforms/apps:

1: WordPress

To follow along you’ll need your own WordPress installation/site. If you’ve never installed WordPress see these guides to get up and running:

You don’t need to choose a theme or add plug-ins to your installation – You just need a working, ‘blank’ installation.

2: AI Engine (WordPress plugin)

AI Engine is one of the most popular AI plug-ins for WordPress. It offers an intuitive interface for performing AI tasks including generating text content for your site, generating images, and creating chatbots. We use the PAID, PRO version of the plug-in in this explainer.

3: OpenAI account

OpenAI is the company behind the famous GPT-3 generative AI model that was made public in late 2022. You’ll need a FREE OpenAI account to link AI Engine to their AI models to create working AI forms. Please view the main explainer series for more information.

Why would I do this?

One obvious issue with chatbots / helpbots is that a visitor can ask them anything, whether it’s site-relevant or not. Using An AI-driven form will allow us to limit user input, for example by requiring the selection a specific product, or in our case a favourite retro gaming decade and favourite type of game!

In this explainer we’ll add an additional page to the Super Arcadefest site and build an AI form from scratch to offer personalised retro game recommendations! Once complete, the form will look like this…

Let’s do it!

Click the play icon to watch this explainer video. Subtitles are available – Click the settings cog at the bottom right for options. You can watch this video full-screen by clicking the full-screen icon at the bottom right:

Good to know

At time of writing the AI form features in AI Engine are in BETA. This means you may experience issues with their functionality and they may change significantly in the near future.

Where to next?

We regularly check AI engine for updates and will add additional standalone explainers as new features are added!

Notes and updates

There are no notes or advisories at this time. This explainer was last updated in May 2023. This page was last updated in May 2023.

We are not responsible for the content of any external webpages or software downloaded from third party sites. You should NOT deploy AI Engine directly to production / live sites without testing it in a staging / development environment first. We recommend using a blank/clean WordPress install for learning purposes. Generative AI is constantly evolving and we cannot guarantee the content in this series is up-to-date past the date specified above. All links are included in good faith at the time of writing. Modern apps offer users many ways to accomplish a single task, and for reasons of clarity we choose not to refer to multiple options. All computer users must run up to date virus / security software at all times to minimise the risk of data loss.

This is a standalone XTRA explainer. Make sure you check out the main explainer series for Beginning AI!