Festive Treats: Snow Motion!

Slomo snow!!!

This post is part of our festive treats series, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of digital creativity and provide themed creative assets to assist with your own projects! You’re welcome 🙂


Creative theme: Video editing

Asset type(s): Video clips

We couldn’t finish this year without a gentle dusting of snow! For our final free assets of the year, here’s a set of slow motion snowy clips recorded in 2019. Below we’ve made a short montage of our favourites – You can download the individual video files in the section below.

Download the video clips

Here are nine short slow motion clips. Tap the 3 dots at the bottom right of each clip to download the file The clips are straight out of camera with no corrections or filters applied. They’re 1080p clips at 100fps.

You are welcome to use these files for your own personal projects or for educational / classroom use. Files must not be redistributed elsewhere or used for personal gain.

Project suggestions

1: The wintry theme lends itself to creating a chilled festive montage, just like the one above! Find yourself some free ambient music and get editing!

2: These clips were recorded at 100 frames per second. The high frame rate offers enough flexibility to try out ‘speed ramping’, where you set keyframes and ramp the playback speed up or down between them…

Apply speed ramps in Vegas Pro:

Apply speed ramps in Premiere Pro:

3: Modern video editing software can ‘invent’ additional ‘in between’ video frames, allowing you to slow down video clips even more. Look for ‘optical flow’ in your favourite software!

This is just one of our Festive Treats! Watch out for more of them!