In focus: Envato Network

A HUGE web resource for templates and stock footage.

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Throughout the year we spotlight our favourite websites offering creative resources and assets. Today we start with the BIG kid on the block…

What’s the big deal?

The Envato network is one of the largest collections of creative assets on the web. It pushes you towards purchasing a monthly subscription, but most creative assets can be purchased individually.

Key asset categories:

  • Video templates (for After Effects, Premiere Pro and others)
  • Presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides
  • Graphic templates for infographics and logos
  • Music tracks, logos and idents
  • Web templates for everything from a single landing page to a full site
Almost 100000 music tracks available!
Over 3000 promo templates for After Effects

More PowerPoint templates than you could ever need.

Freebies and deals 

Every month, Envato gives a small number of assets away for free. You’ll need to create a free account to access the download files. In January these included the following:

Individual items can be discounted at any time. Every few months there’s a wider sale on thousands of assets…

Anything to be aware of? 

  • On-screen prices do not include sales tax nor the ‘processing fee’ so make sure to budget these in
  • Sale prices offer discounts as low as a few percent. It would be helpful if discounts guaranteed at least 15 or 20 percent off items
  • All assets are checked for ‘quality’ before being accepted and authors of course want to maximise their sales. This results in ‘samey’ video assets and leans into over-complex compositions with light leaks, particles and flashy, speedy transitions regardless of whether they’re needed
  • If an author chooses to withdraw a product you have bought, it will no longer be available for download. Always download your purchases, even if you don’t need to use them straight away

We’ll continue to spotlight our favourite sites throughout the year!