Get tooled up: Creating motion graphics

Graphics that move you!

I like the way you move! Motion graphics are ubiquitous in the digital world. From the animation when you power on a computer…

…to the start-up logo for your favourite games console…

…to the idents of your favourite news channel…

…and entire TV show intros (even from waay back in the 90s!):

Our motion graphics introductory explainer series in October will use Adobe After Effects, which puts a powerful motion graphics and animation tool at your fingertips. A free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud is available for new users.

We’ll learn to navigate the After Effects interface, create and save compositions, add text, shapes and images to different layers, animate them on-screen and look at quick-win effects built into the package. This is a beginners explainer series, though existing experience working with Adobe software will be helpful.

For information about the history of motion graphics, have a look here:

Get downloading, and see you in October for this series!