Welcome to the September Showcase!

It's a brand new month and a brand new theme!

So far in 2023 we’ve learnt to edit photos, create video sequences, work with 3D models, create elearning content and AI chatbots! Now it’s time to bring together our skills as we create a 3D gallery showcase!

Through the course of eight explainers we’re going to add images, video clips and 3d objects to a virtual 3D gallery, save a tour as a video and explore the gallery in VR! Here’s the gallery at the end of this series:

Good times in Paris 🙂
Rise of the AI robots!
Dismaland – Thank you Banksy!

Over the course of eight explainers, we’ll…

  • Edit photos ready to include in the 3d gallery
  • Edit video clips ready to include in the gallery
  • Set up a Unity project and import a 3d gallery asset
  • Add photos and videos to the gallery
  • Import additional 3d objects
  • Add ambient and spot sound
  • Export a gallery tour as an mp4 video
  • Export the gallery to a VR headset

This month’s explainers are recap explainers and assume you have the relevant software installed. For full information and step-by-step guides please see the individual explainer series from previous months.

The series starts on Wed 6 September and continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until our gallery is ready to open for business!