Festive Treats: Pong with friends :)

Rise of the machines.

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Creative theme: AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Just when we thought our 1978 PONG record would be safe for another forty years, up pops a young pretender to smash our longstanding record!

Worse than this, the heir to our retro gaming crown isn’t even a fully-grown human. No, it’s a collection of brain cells being grown in a lab, which have determined the best way to spend their time is to discover the intricacies of retro games mechanics!

The ‘original’ Pong:

Brain cells learning to play Pong (In real time!):

You can get the full story from UCL and BIG THINK.

In need of genuine global highscores? You’ll be wanting to visit Twin Galaxies!

Project / Research Suggestions

As AI becomes more commonplace, questions about its efficacy and morality are increasingly more strident. Earlier this year a Google employee was moved off an AI project after stating the ‘bot’ he was working on had become sentient:

Google employee fired

laMDA chatbot is sentient

Just starting out with AI? Google’s AI blog is a great place to start!

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