Festive Treats: VRay renderer showcase

VRay eye candy

This post is part of our festive treats series, where we bring you the latest updates from the world of digital creativity and offer themed assets to download and use in your own projects! You’re welcome 🙂

In VR month we considered how we might apply our VR creation skills to a cyberpunk / neon city environment, and just for fun rendered a night-time Unity scene using MAYA and VRay:

The low-poly city environment we worked with in VR won’t shine with sophisticated renderers like VRay due to the simplified, stylised geometry. If hyper-realism is something you crave, you can use your 3d modelling skills from our Beginning 3d series to import your models into a professional 3D animation and modelling environment like MAYA. With the addition of a compatible renderer like VRay you can create hyper-real lighting systems. Maya and VRay are FREE for educational use (with limitations). Here’s the latest VRay showreel – Enjoy 🙂

This is just one of our many Festive Treats! Make sure you join us for the others!