Summer of AI Fun :) Text to (awesome) images!

Summer of AI Fun: Generation Robot!

This post is part of our Summer of AI Fun series, where we bring you our favourite FUN AI-powered sites and resources! Every site is FREE to use with no account needed!

Even If you’ve only briefly played with generative AI, you’re likely familiar with ‘text to image’ generation. Many platforms charge for this but you can experience it for free at Replicate!

Zoo replicate

Replicate offer a range of AI models to support many popular generative AI workflows including text to image, text plus image to image, photo restoration and more! They helpfully include a playground so you can have a go without requiring technical expertise or a paid account!

Image to text

We’ll start by selecting the ‘stable diffusion 1.5’ image generation model on the right and prompt it for ‘A beautiful beach with a crystal blue sea below a blue sky with a smattering of cirrus clouds.  In the foreground is a large colored beach ball’.  Here are some of the results…

Next, we’ve selected the stable diffusion 2.1 model and prompted for ‘A 1960s style silver toy robot at an amusement arcade in front of a classic 1970s arcade game’…

Text + Image to image

Starting with one of the AI portraits generated earlier in this AI Fun series, we’ve selected the DEPTH model and prompted it for ‘A neon city with rain’.  We then used the same prompt with one of the robots created above:

We’re rather fond of the neon Robot!  Essentially, this model generates a depth map for the main subject in the image then places this subject inside the prompted environment, including appropriate lighting. Nice!

This is just the start of what can be achieved using the models available from Replicate.  Feel free to explore!

This post is part of our Summer of AI Fun series. Watch for more throughout July and August!